Week 30 March 5 April

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Dear students, Here you have some revision of the contents you’ve learned on the second term. There’s a key for self-correction, altough you can send them back to the email (sumaddonline1@gmail.com) to be checked. I hope to see you when … Continuar

Week 23-29 March

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Dear students, Today we are going to have a look at the contents in pages 68, 69, 70, 74 and 75 that I’ve scanned them for you. Click on HOMEWORK to download the document and send me back (sumaddonline1@gmail.com) for correction. … Continuar

Week 23-29 March (Book prepare 7)

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Hi everyone, This week we are going to revise the use of relative clauses in page 66. Please, watch the video that I’ve uploaded and then you can do the exercises in page 66. I’ve created a rubric for you … Continuar

Week 16-22 March (Book Prepare 6)

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Dear students, I hope you are coping well with the confinement and send you all my support. In the following weeks I’m going to upload activities for you to follow the course B2 Teens_Prepare6. Keep calm and study English!  Today … Continuar

Week 16-22 March

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Dear students, I hope you are spending these days of confinement in the best possible way. All the teachers at Sumadd are working from our homes to supply you with the best resources for you to continue learning online. It … Continuar

Indicaciones para la formación a distancia

Querida comunidad Sumadd: En esta entrada pretendemos explicar el procedimiento a seguir mientras dure la situación provocada por el COVID-19. Como todos sabéis estamos ante una situación excepcional que es nueva para todos y que es muy cambiante. Para que os … Continuar

Actuaciones de la Academia Sumadd ante el COVID19

Ante la grave situación sanitaria y social provocada por el Covid-19 y tras las recomendaciones del Gobierno, la Conselleria d’Educació y la Conselleria de Sanitat, la Academia Sumadd quiere contribuir a evitar la propagación de la pandemia y toma las medidas … Continuar