Week 23-29 March (Book prepare 7)

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Hi everyone,
This week we are going to revise the use of relative clauses in page 66. Please, watch the video that I’ve uploaded and then you can do the exercises in page 66. I’ve created a rubric for you to fill in with the answers in a Word document that you can send me back (sumaddonline1@gmail.com) for correction. Click on HOMEWORK to download the document.
You can also do a PAU mock examination and write an opinion essay. You can have a look at the notes that I’ve written for you.
Finally, you can play a quiz at quizziz.com to revise your B2 vocabulary (B2Tenns_Vocabulary Quiz).
You don’t have to do ALL the homework, I know you’re very busy with school assignments, so choose whatever you think is best for you.
Keep calm and learn English.😘

1. Exercices page 66

B2Teens_Lessons2&3_Page 66_MonWed.docx (1)


2. www.cambridge.org/OW_First_Vid18


4. Examen Inglés de la Comunidad Valenciana (Ordinaria de 2010)

5. Opinion essay notes