Week 30 March 5 April

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Dear students,

Sumadd wil be reopening soon, but meanwhile here you have a sample test and the answer keys for you to self-correct it. I’d like to recommend you an app created by Cambridge for you to revise and improve your skills which is called Quiz your English.

Anyway you can send them back to the email (sumaddonline1@gmail.com) to be checked and ask any doubt you have.
I hope to see you in no time.

Take care.
Love 😘



Prel_Listening QP_Test 1

LISTENING – Test 1 – Part 01
LISTENING – Test 1 – Part 02
LISTENING – Test 1 – Part 03
LISTENING – Test 1 – Part 04

Prel_Listening AK_Test 1


Prel_Reading QP_Test 1

Prel_Listening AK_Test 1